Designing and building injection moulds since 1961



Started in 1961 in a small building in Molinetto di Mazzano (BS) not far from the Garda Lake, that of MCS Morandi has always been a family story. The brothers Pietro, Mario, Giovanni and Franco, passionate about mechanics, following the wave of the flourishing Italian industrial development, had an idea and the courage to make it happen.

Since the early years, the company’s choice has been to specialize in the construction of precision injection moulds for plastics, with the determination to offer its customers a complete and professional range of services.

The decision to work for foreign markets dates back to those early years. In 1966 MCS Morandi was already producing for the American market and soon exported almost 90% of its turnover to European and non-European countries including the USA, the UK, Russia, South Africa, Venezuela and Turkey.

In 1969, the first expansion took place, with a covered area of 2,000 square metres. The first supplies of injection moulds for the Automotive sector began.

From 1975 to 1978 the company built 150 moulds for automotive customers in Russia, for the construction of the Russian Fiat 124, better known as the Lada-Vaz Žiguli, the car that actually powered the Soviet Union. In 1984, following a further expansion, 4000 square meters of covered area were reached.



The patents filed by MCS Morandi regarding the construction of improved moulds for the moulding of polypropylene containers, of all sizes, for traction batteries and accumulators, made with straight walls without conicity, date back to the 80s.

Design on display at the permanent exhibition Triennale in Milan

Between 1967 and 1972 MCS Morandi was commissioned to build moulds for items designed by great Italian designers of the time, for the Furniture sector.

Some of these items are now on permanent display at the Triennale in Milan, including:


Minerva GA 45 Pop disc player, by the designer Mario Bellini


4860 Universal Chair by Joe Colombo for Kartell


Model 4675 magazine rack by Giotto Stoppino for Kartell

Our history

Founded in 1961 by the brothers Pietro, Mario, Giovanni and Franco, the company specializes in the design and construction of high-precision injection moulds for plastics.
First exports of moulds to foreign markets, in particular to the USA and UK for items in the household appliances and housewares sector.
1967 - 1972
Production of moulds for items in the furniture sector, signed by some of the great Italian designers of the time. Some of these items are still on display in the permanent exhibition at the Milan Triennale.
First expansion of the production area, reaching a covered area of 2000 square meters.
First supplies of injection moulds for the automotive sector.
First 600 t injection moulding machine, for mould sampling and moulding, thus offering the customer a 360° service.
1975 - 1978
Construction of 150 moulds for Russia, Automotive sector, based on the Fiat 124, aka the Lada-Vaz Žiguli, the car that powered the Soviet Union.
First injection moulding machine 1000 t.
Construction of moulds for polypropylene containers for traction batteries and accumulators of all sizes, made with straight walls without tapering according to M.C.S. MORANDI patent no. 7838 / Italy and other European countries.
First 2D CAD / CAM system and first 4-axis CNC milling machine, state-of-the-art software and machinery for those years.
New construction and expansion of the company, which reaches 4000 covered square meters.
First 3D CAD / CAM system, which supports and assists the entire process of designing and building a mould.
Transformation of the company’s business name from “S.n.c.” to “S.r.l.”.
First mould with gas assisted injection and Spill-Over technique (art. Heckplatte VW Golf).
First two-component mould designed and manufactured with Core Pull technique for the Automotive sector.
First control unit for the management of sequential injection.
Injection mould for the first AUDI A6 Center Console, made in one piece (front + rear).
Gas assisted injection system with compressor up to 350 bar and 4-way control unit.
First 2200 t injection moulding machine with double cylinder for bicomponent.
First mould for aesthetic cover in PP LONG GLASS FIBER.
Acquisition of the rotary table + second injection unit for 2K moulding.
First mould with “insert moulding and over moulding” technique with inserts in composite material (Organo-sheets) and metal inserts, for the American automotive market.
The 2200 t injection moulding machine is equipped with a fully automated robot with up to 4 axes, with a grippier and a maximum capacity of 45 kg.
2011 - 2021
In the context of Metal Replacement projects, which see the use of high-performance polymers instead of metal, since 2011 we have made several moulds for aesthetic items in Sabic® Ultem 1000 resin, still in continuous production with high temperatures of exercise (about 160-180 °C).


Yesterday like today

The great attention paid to try to best meet the needs of leading customers in various sectors has allowed us to increase our skills and allows us to offer experience and know-how, in particular where high quality performance and cutting-edge technologies are required for high production capacities.

Functionality, stability and long life of the moulds, innovative mechanical solutions to reduce cycle times and operating costs during series production: these are the prerogatives that have placed MCS Morandi among the most important European leaders in the production of high precision moulds.